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New product launch – Butyl HLD kit

Butyl Products Group are a UK based manufacturing company and have been industry leaders in the Aid sector for over 50 years. We provide manufacturing and design solutions for the storage, testing and treatment for wastewater and drinking water applications for the Global Aid Agency WASH Teams. In addition, we provide kit solutions to the major aid agencies and hold LTA’s and framework agreements to further support our relationships.

As a company we are committed to providing quality emergency relief equipment for global humanitarian aid worldwide with expert customer support from concept to completion.

In collaboration with Aquatabs, Butyl Products Group have developed the ‘Butyl-HLD Kit’, this high-level disinfection kit was created to provide clean water and disinfectant solutions for rural clinics, health centers and hospitals.

It is crucial to have clean water readily available to prepare disinfection solutions, which is where the Family Filter becomes an essential piece of equipment. The Family Filter is an innovative device that can provide a fast filter treatment for up to 90 liters of water per hour. Producing water as required means there is no need for additional purification prior to water storage.

With a bacteria and a virus reduction of Log 6 and approved by the WHO (July 2022), it is one of the simplest manual water filter systems on the market, and an ideal solution for preparing clean water for the processes of disinfection, cleaning liquid and drinking water.

Ensuring all facilities and equipment are sanitised to a clinical standard is a key concern for health establishments. The kit contains, Klorkleen® effervescent tablets which have been designed in conjunction with the chemistry of Aquatabs®.

They combine the power of NaDCC disinfection with additional cleaning to provide the perfect solution for use against potentially dangerous diseases such as Cholera, Covid and Ebola infections by providing a system for disinfection requirements in clinical areas.

Each kit contains high-level, broad-spectrum cleaning and disinfectant tablets and granules to clean and disinfect floors, walls, critical areas (operating theatres) and contaminated surfaces. The tablets are multi-use and efficacy levels (ppm – parts per million) can be increased by adjusting the volume of water used to achieve the desired cleansing levels for the floors, walls, and surfaces.

The HLD kit also contains Ultraseptin, a cold chemical high level disinfection solution for the treatment of medical instruments and endoscopes, to enhance infection control standards in clinical environments. 

Contact us today to see how we can assist with your water testing, treatment, or storage needs.

Butyl Products Group
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