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Fleischhacker Offers Delivery Support in a Crisis

‘The era of predictable unpredictability is not going away’ (The Economist)

In times of crisis business as usual doesn’t work, so it is particularly important to maintain accurate delivery scopes and keep the quality of the products intact. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented pressure on global supply chains, especially affecting companies like Fleischhacker. From the outbreak to the series of following lockdowns, combined with the shortage of skilled labour (for example, lorry drivers), have left supply chains fractured in such a way they are still recovering 2 years after the first outbreak of COVID-19.

In addition, the focus on moving towards sustainable futures in transport and logistics has created a shift in traditional forms of production and delivery. Globally, we are entering a new normal, an era where we must embrace predictable unpredictability.

While we are all faced with this new challenge, it still maintains the number 1 priority to keep accurate delivery scopes and the quality of the products intact, and at Fleischhacker, they have achieved just that. Despite the current crushing demand on supply chains, Fleischhacker has remained consistently reliable in offering quality and swift delivery times.

In a 24-month ongoing project, Fleischhacker continues to deliver COVID kits to Nairobi and other areas globally. Fleischhacker also offers continuous support to east African countries through deliveries of medical equipment that keep those health structures going. In 2020 and 2021, Fleischhacker handled more than 60,000 pallets and more than 95,000 kits.

Throughout the war in Ukraine, they delivered around 21,000 trauma kits and continue to provide ongoing support in the region.

Fleischhacker demonstrates care and attention to every length of their supply chain.

Including their work in crises, they have around 1,000 items available ex stock and have formed a range of approved core items according to NGOs’ needs. Items can be made available quickly to support all NGOs in Medical and laboratory parts from one day to the next.

Additionally, they hold over 10 LTA and frame agreements and regularly receive secondary bidding requests, including pharma.

Fleischhacker’s achievements despite the challenges that were laid out for them support their reputation amongst other NGOs as being an organization which aims to deliver excellence.

Entering this new era where we are all adjusting to the new normal, Fleischhacker remains committed to working towards a stable and predictable future.

Contact information:

www.fleischhacker.biz, info@fleischhacker.biz

image source: Shutterstock, 1854450256, fizkes

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